You are looking for a professional music producer? Then I am exactly the right one for you. With a bachelor’s degree in „Music Technology Specialist“, high-quality technology and fresh ideas I can offer you these services:


What I offer you:

  • technical and creative fine tuning
  • dynamics, depth and the right emotional vibe
  • variety of high-quality digital plug-ins
  • flawless listening situation
  • two feedback rounds
  • deadline of your choice

What you need to do:
You send me your recordings, which is available in single tracks (STEM’s). Then you tell me about your musical wishes. To carry out your vision exactly, you can also send me reference tracks.


What I offer you:

  • creative sound design
  • create sound effects
  • create foleys and atmos
  • create the right emotion through sounds

What you need to do:
You have a movie or video game that you need the right sound for. Tell me about your project and then we will work out a plan.


What I offer you:

  • Song-Writing
  • Beats
  • Themes/Intros
  • Corporate sound
  • fresh ideas

What you need to do:
Tell me about your vision as concretely as possible. We will work closely together to create a satisfying end result for you.

Get in touch with me
If you are interested in working with me, fill out the contact form or write an e-mail to „“.
As soon as I know the effort involved with your project, I will send you an offer.