About Me

I grew up with music. As a child my parents drove me to tennis practice almost every day or to tournaments at the weekend. The distances were often long, and we listened to music for hours, mainly 70s and 80s disco songs. Especially my mom and I warbled to hits from Simply Red, Barry White, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire and many more. So, this is the music that influenced me the most.

Back then we were able to kill time so terrifically and I can still listen to it for hours today. Over the years my passion for music grew more and more, I taught myself to play the piano and started to produce music with my laptop during some tennis tournament trips. Two years ago, I decided to approach the whole thing more professionally and I truly love it.


Hanna Landener is a young German audio engineer and music producer. She was born 1994 in Herne and this town in the middle of the Ruhr area still is the home base for her creativity and work.

On her way to become a music professional she passed some changes of direction. Professionally, she initially pursued other goals, tennis professional. After some serious knee surgeries, she started an apprenticeship as a fitness merchant which she stopped after 4 months. An education as a tennis coach with national and international licenses followed and today, she still coaches young players as a second job.

But mainly Hanna Landener sees herself as a music creator. She loves her work, no matter if she writes her own songs or supports other artists professionally.

She has been acquiring the necessary skills since 2018 by studying Music Technology at the German Pop Academy in Bochum, which she finished in October 2020 as BA (Hons) Music Technology Specialist. She also completed her 6 Diplomas with top marks.

Early on Hanna developed her skill in creating her own music on her laptop and later published the best results under her artist name „Kitaii“. Inspired by older legends but also by new ones like Avicii, she wants to make people dance to her music. Although songs from the 70’s and 80’s have strongly influenced her musical style she doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into any drawers. She does not commit herself to a certain genre, she always loves to discover new things about music and to try out new things herself.

Directly her first own pop song „Going Wild“ featuring Mariami, an American singer, reached the second place at the WDR2 radio-contest. What a start! Hanna (Kitaii) publishes her music digitally on the well-known platforms like Soundcloud or Spotify and she has already got a lot of followers. You will also find her on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where she gives an insight into her musical journey.

Already during her studies, she started to write, mix and master for customers like other musicians and bands – what is going to be one of her main skills besides songwriting. Her technical equipment has developed into a small recording studio. Meanwhile she has produced some beats for other artists and had some great commissions as a composer. Recently she wrote the song for a promotional film about Venice, her first approach to film music.